The Last kiss - detail

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The Sun King
copper sun king sculpture metal varvara white

The Sun King is looks down upon the world and sees what is happening. Like myths and ledgends of the past we project what we know and feel, into objects that reveal our what is in our heart.

600 x 520mm



drawing varvara white sun king
The Last Kiss
last kiss passing cut out copper sculpture
The Last kiss - detail
The last kiss detail 2

The Last Kiss. When do you know that  it's the last time you will have kissed a loved one? A connection to the one you l;ove, with a kiss. We are part of each other, the spaces we share, the time we spent before one passes into another realm.

A precious moment.

420 x 350mm



Guitar Girl
metal sculpture copper guitar girl wall

Guitar Girl 

When we listen to music, we hear the music and we hear the way the person is playing the music al instrument. One cannot happen without the other. We can hear the passion and emotion in the way it is played. intertwined, the player and instrument become one, like an extension of their body


500 x 300mm


The March Hare
The March hare copper sculpture metal wall varvara white

The March Hare  2021

Made from a single piece of copper, the March Hare is a mask that embodies the mystism and elegance of this majestic animal

500 x 220mm



£800 for commision requests for similar, no two hares will look the same.

Mr Richard Fox
Mr Richard Fox metal wall sculpture copper varvara white

IMr Richard Fox 2021

made from a single piece of copper, Mr Richard Fox is a deeply mysterious and soulful fox with piercing eyes and paganistic markings .

210 x 190mm


£550 commision requests for similar,no two foxes will be the same.


Varvara White

Varvara White is a metal artist living and working in Buckinghamshire.

She studied at Wimbledon school of Art where she cultivated her passion for working in steel.

Varvara went onto teach art and sculpture in many places. Whilst teaching, she experimented working with different metals and processes, discovering that working with copper allowed her to express ideas in a more fluid and organic way. Like ancient copper smiths before her Varvara was able to manipulate and change this unassuming metal into strong yet lightweight structural forms.

Varvara enjoys exploring semi figurative ideas, which connect with our humanity and the way we think and feel.

She is currently exhibiting some of her art at the Drawing Room in Chesham, Buckinghamshire, England. join Varvara on her journey on Instagram or sign up for her monthly newsletter.


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